Drawn upward


I’ve been pondering her words all week: “Jesus delights in the things that delight you because he delights in you.”

Is it true?

We were talking about something else—I can’t even remember what—but my mind went immediately to writing poetry. It can feel like a luxury, spending all that time finding exactly the right word.

But I love it.

I took a week’s break from writing my book—and found myself writing poetry.

I’m starting to realize: the news is even better than she said. It’s not so much that Jesus delights in me writing poetry because I delight in it, though that may be true; it’s that I delight in it because He is delighting to call me and meet me there.

I’d hazard a guess that that’s true of all the places we find real delight.

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  1. Karen


  2. Hannah

    I find that as I quilt. Amazing, isn’t it. Love you Hannah

    1. hearingtheheartbeat

      It is amazing, Hannah. And thank you for blessing the world with the way you respond to Jesus’ invitation to meet Him as you quilt.

  3. Klara van der Molen

    When I am at odds, have a more difficult day– I quilt, write poetry and or make cards, and even even as I am not thinking of God– He always comes through– as in a whisper– somewhere in all that I create– the statements are always the same– you are precious, you are my beloved– you are honored in my sight ( Isaiah 43-4).Somewhere, somehow, I am precious, even as I am unable to grasp it

  4. Esme Stokhuyzen

    What a lovely thought!

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