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Grace for the days you wake tired

You know those days when you wake tired, feeling overwhelmed at the day that stretches ahead? Those days when you feel like your strength isn’t enough for the day and you could almost hope for a snow day (yup, maybe even in June)?

I’ve recently discovered a simple practice that helps me on those days—one simple sentence that is helping me live Jesus’ invitation to make my home in his love.

It doesn’t take away the weariness, but it does lift the overwhelm. It honors the reality of what I’m feeling, helping me pay attention and be gentle with myself without letting my feelings have the final word.

I simply take a moment to notice and name what I am feeling, and then let this reminder turn my attention back to the One who is with me in this day:

Even though I am tired (or overwhelmed, or lonely) today, nothing can stop this day from being filled with God’s love.

With this simple practice, my body begins to shift from experiencing the day as a too-heavy burden to anticipating it as something more akin to the Surprise Mix of seeds that I planted this spring in the brown plastic planter boxes on my balcony—specifics unknown, but a promise of life and beauty given.

As the Surprise Mix package instructed, when the risk of frost was passed, I scattered the seeds and covered them with a thin layer of soil.

For a couple of months, I’ve been watching the seeds sprout and stretch toward the sun, tiny leaves unfurling. Some stems are covered with fine hairs, some leaves as thin as thread and others broad enough to shelter a small frog from the rain.

Spring winds have swept between the buildings, bending the fragile stems over the edges of the planters, and the plants have continued to grow anyway.

Over the last few days, I’ve watched buds swell, and this morning when I went out to peek, blossoms in new shapes and shades had joined the one I’ve been admiring the past few days.

Here’s what matters, this one truth that brief sentence re-plants in my heart: This day may not look precisely the way I would have planned it. And that’s okay. Because the One walking with me through this day, the One creating each moment and sustaining me in it even as He continues to breath into me the breath of life—He is the God of grace and beauty and creativity, the God who delights to do in us and through us immeasurably more than anything we can ask or imagine.

To him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus forever and ever. Amen!

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  1. Susan Pilley

    Thank you so much Carolyn. I’ve had a few “overwhelmed” days lately, and your little technique will help immensely. I do read you every week, though I rarely comment. Keep up the lovely work!

  2. Joy

    What a helpful and inspiring thought! I regularly read your posts but don’t often comment because the energy to do so isn’t always present. Recent days have been very fraught indeed, full of overwhelm and anxiety. I also struggle with exhaustion on a daily basis due to having chronic illness, and it’s hard to not sink into sadness some days as I contemplate just how much (or little) energy, cognitive or physical, I might have to tackle any given task. But in directing the focus back to God and His daily showering of grace and love, it helps lift the load and bring back hope. Thank you, Carolyn, for sharing this insightful tip and for the beautiful floral images that truly lift the spirits! Bless you for your faithful listening. I am grateful for the fruit it’s producing. 🙂 x

  3. Cheryl

    What a lovely assortment of flowers! And this post is so timely for me. Hubby and I are grieving the loss of our almost 12 yo dog,. At 67 yo weI have a new puppy, Gracie, and my husband is not in as good health as when our previous 2 puppies were little, so much more is falling to me. But His grace is sufficient for the day! I remember that I need to lower some expectations, and that I can’t do it all, and don’t need to. I also follow you faithfully but don’t usually comment.

  4. Barbara Abraham

    Dear Carolyn, you really hit the nail on the head this week. That was so beautiful and timely. I certainly needed that gentle reminder of how precious I am to the Lord and how his unconditional love is always surrounding me. He understands so well, the pain and heaviness we feel and how overwhelmed with all that’s going on and the impact it has on our lives..
    I feel so out of control but I have to remind myself that the Lord has us in the palm of His hand and He is ultimately in control. …..His eye is on the sparrow….

    Thanks for your wise and encouraging words.
    Barbara Abraham

  5. Esme Stokhuyzen

    I have been feeling Covid weary and the summer onslaught of visitors is just beginning. I have tried to keep up with my Grief Groups too by baking and visiting them…practising all the necessary safety guidelines. This weeks blog was just what I needed to hear. God has also been using the amazing music ministry of a Cape Coloured choir and orchestra from CapeTown……as a South African it is truly amazing to see what they have accomplished since apartheid ended. They have inspired me as has your blog. Thank you….I can take a deep breath and carry on knowing that God has me and my life.

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