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Finding Grace in a Snow Storm

I walked, one recent morning, with fresh-fallen snow squeaking beneath my boots. Thin lengths of snow lay along branches and stretched the span of power lines, gracing even them with soft white beauty.

I stood and listened, hearing the silence that comes only when the world is stilled with falling snow. And in the quiet, a few streets away, the faint scrape of a shovel on somebody’s sidewalk, the hushed landing of icy flakes against my coat’s fabric.

The light was different too. Gentler. More even. The early morning dark was less dark, the black of roofs and pavement blanketed with soft white that spread and reflected the glow of streetlights and lanterns and an occasional remaining string of Christmas lights.

The shapes of stone walls and wrought gates were accentuated yet gentled, a lantern atop a column transformed into Narnia’s entrance.

The snow tugged at each step, slowing me, calming me, pulling me into the magnificent mystery of the old made new, the ordinary revealed as not ordinary at all.

And in those moments, as burdens were lightened and all of life slowed and stilled under a blanket of grace, I glimpsed again the magnificent truth: We are small. We are not in control. And it’s okay—wonderful, even!—because we are loved.

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  1. Edna Grenz

    You have captured so much beauty both in photos and in thoughts.

  2. Tony Horsfall

    Beautiful, both visually and verbally, but most of all spiritually enriching. Thanks.

  3. Ms. Marty Reimer

    Thank you for the beauty., from Cairo, Egypt (where it never snows, but we do have all this sand to do with as we like!)

  4. Heather

    Thank you so much for sharing. Your words and your photos help me to enter into the grace and gentleness of God’s love.

  5. Ann Vernon

    Thank you for bringing peace to my soul,
    with the beautiful pictures and words.

    God bless you and your ministry Carolyn.

    Please could you tell me where the phots were taken.? Ann Vernon.

    1. Carolyn Watts

      Hi Ann, I’m glad you found peace in the words and photos. The photos were taken in Shaughnessy, Vancouver, B.C.

  6. Wendy

    I wanted to use an excerpt from this beautiful piece in a Valentine’s Day card for women in our church family. It would be labelled as an excerpt with your your name, .com address, Dartmouth address, and accessed Jan 25, 2024. Jer 31: 3 would be the Bible verse to be used as the last word. I have taken pictures of a sample to send to you for your permission.

    1. Carolyn Watts

      Hi Wendy,
      Thanks so much for contacting me about this. I’m honoured that you would like to use an excerpt from my post. You’re most welcome to do so. No need to include my Dartmouth address, but I do appreciate you giving me credit with my name and website and accessed Jan 25.
      May God make these cards you are creating a blessing to those who receive them.

  7. Lydele

    Absolutely beautiful – both words and the stunning photography.

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