Roadside ditch
with purple irises
dense woods
with painted leaves
hidden fields
with yellow and blue wildflowers

creation replete with
so much more than
mere functionality

glory scattered
almost wasted
in its unquenchable overflow
from its Center

this is You
Extravagant Giver
Lavish Lover
Enthusiastic Celebrant of Life and Beauty

Creator God
how often do I ask for
basic sufficiency
when You want
to love me with extravagance?

How often do I see
only utility
and miss

Father who dances and sings
over me
who lavishes on me
incomparable riches
Your own Son
most precious gift
and everything else as well

Oh, how I want to know You
in Your fullness
in Your enormity

as much of You as I can see
and not be utterly destroyed
as much as You can pour into
little me

The edges of adequacy
are not enough

Bring me further into You
Center of all beauty

opening my eyes
stretching my heart
awakening me to Your lavishness
and enabling me to
receive and respond
in extravagance

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