Weekly glimpses of God’s heart

How a Queen’s Funeral Can Help Us See Our Place

A week ago, millions around the world paused to celebrate the life and mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II. I listened as reporters in London asked officials and ordinary people, young sailors who would be pulling the gun carriage with the coffin and older people who had interacted with

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How to Grow Up

How, in a few short years, did a boy I love grow from a child into a 6’2”, gentle, committed young man with a really fun sense of humor? How did a young woman mature into a 96-year-old queen whose death the world mourns because her faithful, steady wisdom and

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Unfolding: A Freer Way to Live

I’ve been savoring, this week, the grace in the word “unfold.” An elderly friend needs more care, and I see, finally, long-awaited details begin to unfold. A group of us works to arrange a meeting but our schedules don’t match. We settle on a date weeks later than we’d hoped—and

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