Too old to carry?

Of all the pieces in the Zimsculpt exhibition, this one touched me most deeply. Who among us has not seen someone tell a child, “You’re too heavy for me to carry you. You’ll have to get down and walk.” It’s a normal part of growing. A necessary and healthy part, even. But still challenging. Stretching for the child who wants to stay in the place of safety. Sad for the parents who continue to hold the child in their heart when they can no longer hold her in their arms.

But hear this and rest: there is one set of arms that we never outgrow.  One place that, no matter our age, we remain children.

Until your old age I shall be the same,

until your hair is grey I shall carry you.

As I have done, so I shall support you,

I myself shall carry and shall save you.

(Isaiah 46:4 New Jerusalem Bible)