Why the Holy Spirit speaks in stories

“. . .in the presence of a story, whether we are telling it or listening to it, we never have the feeling of being experts – there is too much we don’t yet know, too many possibilities available, too much mystery and glory. Even the most sophisticated of stories tends to bring out the childlike in us – expectant, wondering, responsive, delighted. Which, of course, is why the story is the child’s favorite form of speech; why it is the Holy Spirit’s dominant form of revelation; and why we adults, who like posing as experts and managers of life, so often prefer explanation and information.” (Eugene Peterson, “Saint Mark: The Basic Text for Christian Spirituality” in Crux, Dec 1993 Vol XXIX, no 4, p.4)


Jesus, teach me again the wonder of living in this spacious story of which you are the center. . . living in it. . . not always having to understand or explain it. It is enough that You are, and that we are with You in the story.