When you forget that God is for you

“God, you promised, and you can’t break your promise.”

It surprises me to realize how often I still pray defensively, as though I need to convince God to be kind.

So quickly I forget that He really is for me.

I ask Him about this, about why I do this, ask Him to heal the places that still need to be healed so I can rest in His love for me. And I see a picture. Or, rather, I’m in an encounter. It’s a simple action, just a turning around, but a turning around to find myself colliding with Him who has been pursuing me all along. And of course this is how it would be because isn’t that what the original Hebrew of Ps 23:6 says, that goodness and faithful love will pursue me (like a wild animal pursuing its prey) all the days of my life? I don’t need to chase after Him, pleading for goodness and favor. If I’m running, I’m probably running from Him. I just need to turn around, face Him, to find myself embraced long by the One whose names are Love and Truth and Life.

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