When it’s hard to get going


There are Mondays (and other days) when the frost settles deep. The body’s frozen sluggish and the heart less than enthusiastic about starting another week.


On these hard-to-get-going days, I need to hear it again:

“He is not served by human hands, as if he needed anything, because he himself gives all people life and breath and everything else.” (Acts 17:25)

Often the heart is frosty-hesitant because the job looks too big. The tired, fearful heart draws back because it thinks I have to make it happen.

But I’m learning it all over again as I work on a little surprise for you (stay tuned!):

Most things that matter are way too big for little me.

But it’s not my job to make them happen.

It is my job – and my joy – to keep turning myself toward the Eternal Giver (. . . or asking Him to turn me . . . or letting Him turn me when I’m too frosty even to ask) and receive what He offers to me and through me.

Now, on the hard-to-get-going days, I tell Him the honest-to-God truth about my reluctant heart, and then start the work anyway. And watch. He’s always already there, waiting for me. It doesn’t take long, once I glimpse Him, for the frost to begin to melt and the heart to become supple enough to follow.



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  1. Karen

    A beautiful gift which resonates deeply on this day.

  2. Klara van der Molen

    Thank you for these thoughts.I was dreading a new day in which I started a new part time job which involves creating a new look for a store. The owner is super disorganized, yet wants an instant transformation, an impossible situation. Your writing sort of kept me on track as I breathed deeply and realized I can simply step out in His grace and that He will guide me one footstep at the time, his Peace sustaining me in this messy situation. I enjoy that you write on Mondays as it gives us some food for the week and helps us cope when our hearts are a little weary about a new week.

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Klara. Isn’t it great that the challenges of these situations aren’t “wasted” but can be a doorway into experiencing Christ’s presence and power and grace more deeply?!

      1. Klara van der Molen

        Indeed. The owner of this store had complained about no traffic into the store, yet the day I was working on the new front displays, and after I finished this, about 30 people walked in on a continues basis and she realized a number of sales. She related to me that I was bringing her ” good luck”. I realized this was no good luck situation at all, but the grace of God going before me and stepping into the situation. I will ask God to guide me as this person figures out what is making the difference and at the same time as God is giving me a new opportunity for work with a person who is “good luck” orientated.I believe God is simply giving me a opportunity to bring His presence into this store. Pretty awesome if you ask me, especially after questioning myself about a number of God related issues and whether I could still sense the presence of God in my work and life. Not only that, but at my other place of business, God allowed me to witness to two women, upon observing my little cross, and that all in front of my new manager. I was so floored to hear them ask the question, whether I could hear a God speaking to me? I answered yes, but I was not always listening. Yet God gave me to relate some scripture to them of how He loved these two women. I was floored. God goes before us in ALL ways. As such, I can only say AMEN and AMEN.

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