The first day of the rest of your life (and how to live it fully)


He sits long, watching amidst the grid of stone and steel.

He doesn’t dip for food and I wonder what he’s waiting for. Does he even know?

I wait with him, glad for the quiet moments.

In the stillness a longing rises in me. I have begun to take wings, to fly beyond the steel grid of fear that pins me to earth. But I long to fly higher still, farther and deeper into the wide spaces of God’s love.

The bird has wings, made for the air. I have feet and a soul and I’m made to be filled with God Himself. My choice not to step into this is as irrational as a bird who refuses to fly.

This alone is true living, this alone is true worship, this offering of my body each moment to be filled with God.

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What am I waiting for?

Mostly I wait out of fear. Like this morning. I woke on this first day of the rest of my life, frightened to step into it. It’s one thing to birth a book, quite another to let it find its way out in the wide world. For a moment I gave in to the fears, “What if they don’t like it?”


Yes, what if they don’t. Would it matter?

In one way, terribly. When you find something that changes your life, don’t you ache for everyone else to find it too?

In another way, not at all. The living and writing of this has been my own Rational Worship, one way I have loved God with all my heart and soul, mind and strength. God has met me here, received my worship. And today my Rational Worship is to put it back into His hands and let it go, out into the world, wherever He wants to take it. This is my next step, next wing-beat, deeper into Him.

I watch the bird, listen to my own heart.


It’s time. Time to listen to the One who can tell us who we’re meant to be. Time to ask Him the questions that have lain hidden, tying us down with invisible chains, “Can I really trust You? When life has fallen apart why is it reasonable to trust You with myself again? Why dare to step into Your arms?”

I could just tell you what I’ve discovered in my journey of the past four years, that even in the midst of life’s disappointments, God does not disappoint. I could just tell you that though He has taken away some pretty big things, He has never taken away anything except to give me more of Himself. And that He is worth everything.

But what you really want to know is “Can God be trusted with my life? How can I know that it’s safe to trust Him?” And as many stories as you hear, that answer can only be received in God’s presence. So instead of merely telling you my own story, I’d like to lead you (with those big questions) along a bit of the road He has led me on toward the One who knows how you can best hear His whispers. To the One who has been waiting to welcome you deeper into His heart.

So if your soul is longing for more, if something is stirring and you wonder if it’s time, come with me, will you, on a journey deeper into the heart of God? Dare to ask, to test, to question.

Stepping out is always scary. But until we do, we’re only living half alive.

Come. It’s time to fly.


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What holds you back from offering yourself fully to God?


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  1. Dixie

    Thank-you for sharing this Carolyn. It’s very timely. I am amazed, yet again, how God provides exactly what we need, when we need it. And as it turns out, He is exactly all we need! I am looking forward to digging into Rational Worship, and discovering how to press in, closer to Him, in order soar.

    1. hearingtheheartbeat

      It is so lovely how God provides exactly what we need, when we need it, isn’t it? I’ve experienced that all over again these past few weeks as God has given all that I needed (grace, insights, people to help) to finish writing Rational Worship. Grace to you as you keep pressing deeper into Him.

  2. Janet Sketchley

    Looking forward to this, Carolyn! And the cover is striking.

    1. hearingtheheartbeat

      Thanks, Janet. Yes, my brother did a lovely job with the design, didn’t he?

  3. Anna

    I’ll be excitedly following along!

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