When you struggle to settle yourself


I’d been desperate to escape the night-and-day noise of the city outside my window, the pain of metal-on-metal of nearby construction, so I ran last week on wooded trails where I met only spiders who’d slung their silk across the path while the world slept, heard only songbirds celebrating the new day and a woodpecker tapping for breakfast. Then I wrapped myself in a huge soft blanket and sat with my Bible in the leather chair in the pale yellow and blue bedroom in the basement of the big house where all was still.

A day or two in, as I became able to sleep again and began to awaken to stillness, I came up hard against the lack of stillness within me. I could, for a few days, escape the noise around me. I couldn’t so easily turn off the noise within. I wanted to settle, to rest, to burrow deep into the peace of God’s love. I felt more like an overtired eighteen-month-old child, distracted and overstimulated and unable to figure how to settle myself.

“Oh, Jesus, I don’t like this in me. I’d rather be peaceful and joyful. . . . BUT I love it that you love me here, and rather than commanding me to fix it, You bring me close and settle me on Your knee—me with head still turning frantically this way and that, restless and wiggly—and hold me close and speak softly, ‘This is where I want to love you.’ Oh, thank you! I don’t know how to settle myself in Your presence today, but I come running to You anyway, bringing my whole self, eager to be with You and discover myself loved once again with the love that never lets go. Oh, Jesus, meet me here today and make my heart even more deeply Yours!”

And I find marvelous lines in Brueggemann’s book of prayers that always gives words to my tongue-tied heart:

“. . . We trust the great truth of your wondrous love

but we will not sit still for it,

UNTIL you hear us.

Our truth—heard by you—will make us free. . .”1

“Oh! I see! This is part of why I can’t settle myself in your love. I want to race past the stuff wrestling inside of me, and what I need first is not to try to pile more of your truth in but to let some of my truth—my secrets that I’m carrying and barely know how to put into words—out into the truth of Your love that enfolds all.

My heart feels quieter already, resting in the relief that I don’t have to fix the restless parts of my heart, finding again that every part of me is welcome in Your arms that never let go. Thank you, Jesus. I don’t yet know how to name what is restless within me, but I come, all of me, and sit on your knee, feeling your strong arms around me, waiting for you to show me what you want to bring into your light today to be welcomed and loved into wholeness, knowing that while I wait I am loved. All of me.”

The spiderwebs glisten in the rising sun and the branches hung with old man’s beard glow like they’re set on fire and the rising sun makes all in its path glorious and how can I see anything but beauty here? For this is grace, always entering the dark and the messy and restless and loving it into life.





1Walter Brueggemann, “A people with many secrets,” in Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth, p. 25

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  1. Esme Stokhuyzen

    Can identify all too clearly with not being able to still my heart and mind in the stillness around me. Hope I can learn to be content in the stillness of being in the arms of Jesus.

  2. travellingterri

    Good morning Carolyn, Always such a joy to receive your posts. I am finally settled of sorts (although this resonated well with me) while I am in a place of my own and my things brought from storage and they now surround me, I am anxious for work and finding ‘purpose’. But all of life is purpose and am working through the healing and loss, transitioning. All is good. I loved your line – For this is grace, always entering the dark and the messy and restless and loving it into life. It’s very much where I feel I am right now but God just keeps revealing Himself and grace continues to cover me. Thank you for the reminder again today. Not sure what your schedule is like but would enjoy meeting for coffee/tea whenever you have some time. God bless you today, providing strength and joy. Blessings, Terri

    Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2014 19:29:29 +0000 To: kindnessreigns@hotmail.com

    1. hearingtheheartbeat

      Good to hear from you again, Terri. I’ll email you directly to talk about possible times to meet. Grace to you today!

  3. Bonita Grace Dirk

    I too struggle with noise without and within. Thank you for sharing and voicing this and what God said to you in it, very encouraging! B.

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