When life falls apart, how do we relearn to trust God with our lives? That was the question I faced when I had to return home, too sick to continue my work in the mountains of Afghanistan. I found the answer in Romans 11:33-12:2, discovering that before I could offer myself again to God (Romans 12:1-2), I had to be reminded of the character of the One to whom I was offering myself (11:33-36).

This 76-page, six-week study offers a brief daily individual study to help you meet our wise, gracious, God of mercy in the midst of whatever you’re facing. It also offers weekly in-depth group studies of other passages in Romans, helping you dig deeper into God’s character and learn again to trust him.

Suitable for groups and individuals, this study comes with a free 29-page leader’s guide.

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Re-Learning Trust In The God Of Mercy. A six-week study on Romans 11:33 – 12:2.

I didn’t understand. I had just returned home, too sick to continue my work in the small mud-brick hospital high in the mountains of Afghanistan. Twelve years of university and medical specialization and four years of investment in the people I loved had unexpectedly come to an end, leaving me with a host of burning questions.

Hidden amidst the questions of future health and career was a larger question. It came to the fore when a mentor asked me to pray through Romans 12:1-2. The verses invited full-bodied surrender, boldly declaring that to offer my body to God was my “logikos” – logical or rational – act of worship. But it didn’t feel rational. I had offered my body. And had come home broken. I thought God had promised to “satisfy [my] needs in a sun-scorched land and [to] strengthen [my] frame” (Isaiah 58:11). It looked like God’s promises had failed. Why, in the face of apparently broken promises, why, when it seemed I had nothing left to give, was it rational to offer myself again to God?

I set aside a weekend to pray through the two verses, but discovered that before I could again offer my body as a living sacrifice, I had to spend time being reminded of the qualifications of the one to whom I was to give myself. These verses do not come out of the blue. They follow 11 chapters describing God’s incredible plan, his mercy, his love, his wisdom. God does not expect us to randomly give ourselves to anyone – even to Himself. He tells us enough about Himself to show us that the only rational thing to do is to give ourselves fully to Him. Every bit of his character not only demands that response but facilitates it.

Maybe, like me, you long to have God at the center of your life, but struggle to overcome the fear that tugs at your heart and drags you away from surrender. What will it cost? Maybe you feel you have too much to lose. Or nothing to give.

May I invite you to join me on a journey deeper into the heart of God?


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