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What does your soul need this summer?

“What does my soul need this summer?” It’s a question I’ve been asking myself lately, alongside “What do I do when I’m out of words?” A whole month has passed since I’ve found words for one of my usually twice-monthly posts. I’ve prayed and listened. I’ve shown up and sat down and worked at putting thoughts together. And I still haven’t been able to complete a post. So I’ve come to wonder: Is there a different invitation here?

After fourteen years of blogging and this year of extra words and work putting a book out into the world, might my mind and soul and heart need a season of silence?

There are so many words in this world—some of them fruitful and (dare I say it?) many mere noise. I don’t want to add to the noise by posting empty words when I have nothing to say.

Nor do I want to write words that I’m not willing to keep learning to live more deeply. (A book about learning to risk rest? Hmmm. . . listen up, my soul.)

My calling—the calling of all of us who are Christ’s—is first to abide in him as a branch in the vine (John 15). As we do, Jesus promises that we will bear fruit. Much fruit.

But fruitfulness happens in seasons.

The raspberry canes on my balcony are green and flourishing. They’ve borne many tiny white flowers, and now I’m delighting to watch little green berries grow. It will be a long time yet until they’re ripe for eating. And the picking season won’t last long.

Have we made the mistake of equating fruitfulness with productivity? Have we let our frenetic world press us into believing that flourishing looks more like a machine churning out products at a constant pace than a tree bearing fruit in season?

Receiving what I think is Jesus’ invitation, and honoring the pace of my soul and mind and body, I’ll be taking sabbatical time away from this blog from now until summer’s end. I’ll both enjoy the time away, and miss being here with you, and I prayerfully look forward to being back in early September, filled up and with worthwhile words to offer again, God-willing.

What about you? What do your soul and mind and body need this summer? How might Jesus be calling to you in this season? I pray that as you listen and lean in, you too will be refreshed and renewed in Jesus’ love.


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