Weekly glimpses of God’s heart

Rest for the Weary: The Surprising Hope of Humility

Yesterday was both Christ the King Sunday and International Children’s Day. Somehow the juxtaposition seemed appropriate. Both call me to humility, and to hope. We enter the kingdom by becoming like little children, Jesus tells us. Not like lawyers, or warriors, or scholars. We don’t have to prove ourselves innocent

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Full of Grace AND Truth {OR The Thrill of Orthodoxy}

I wrote last time about how I sometimes forget even the most basic things—like God being the Father of Compassion and the God of all Comfort—and need to go back and dig through Scripture again to be reminded of the truth. I’m so grateful God knew we’d need not just

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When You Long for God’s Comfort

God has interesting ways of catching my attention. Some weeks ago, I was memorizing the first lines of Malcolm Guite’s reflection on Psalm 49: “Where Christ himself is there to welcome you, Then you are home, wherever you may fare.” As I did so, I kept inadvertently changing “welcome” to

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