Weekly glimpses of God’s heart

The Joy of Being a Promise

I wake and stretch, reaching my arms above my head to savor the pleasant pull of muscles through my shoulders and across my back. This morning I feel like my four-year-old self, sitting on the front porch of our house that long ago summer day when I observed, “Look, Mom!

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How to Live Easter’s Hope in Friday’s Pain

Covid cases continue to rise. A friend is diagnosed with aggressive cancer. Another wrestles with deciding how best to care for his wife with advanced Alzheimer’s. I return again to this season of Easter which, according to the church calendar, continues for six weeks, and I wonder: How do we

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the welcome of holy week

Leave, and Welcome. As we enter Holy Week, these two words are on my mind, intertwining to give me a window into the story. The two words have risen to the surface because, over the past few months, I’ve been reading Marilyn McEntyre’s Word by Word: a daily spiritual practice.

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