Weekly glimpses of God’s heart

Seven Reassuring Reminders as You Dare to Step Out

“Imposter syndrome” they call it, and it afflicts many of us at one time or another. A young doctor has a harder time convincing herself that she’s up to the task than convincing her patient. Most authors publishing a book for the first time (or for the fifth, so they

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Good News for the New Year

Here we stand at the start of a new year, its days and months waiting to unfold like petals on an amaryllis. When I slow and savor each moment of unfolding beauty, I discover all over again that beauty is there in each day, just waiting to be found. It’s

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Arise! Shine! Your Light Has Come!

When I woke on Monday, it was dark. Very dark. And very quiet. No hum of the fridge or whisper of the heat turning on. No light from the streetlights outside, or from the kitchen of an early-rising neighbor seeping through cracks in the blinds. I checked my watch. 5:20.

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