Weekly glimpses of God’s heart

the welcome of holy week

Leave, and Welcome. As we enter Holy Week, these two words are on my mind, intertwining to give me a window into the story. The two words have risen to the surface because, over the past few months, I’ve been reading Marilyn McEntyre’s Word by Word: a daily spiritual practice.

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Walking the Way of Delight

I walked to a block yesterday where hundreds of crocuses line the sidewalk, not neatly arranged in prepared beds, but irrepressibly pushing up through moss and grass into the light. As I stood at one end of the stretch, by a grand old tree, it seemed to offer me a

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When you need to know you belong

We’re almost two weeks into Lent and I’m continuing to ponder this marvel: Jesus and his Father chose us to be the bride of Christ.1 Even though my head knows that Jesus came and joined himself to us to bring us into his place in the Trinity—sons and daughters of

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