Weekly glimpses of God’s heart

When Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day Coincide

Next week, for the first time since 1945, Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day will fall on the same day. The juxtaposition feels appropriate to me. But before I say more, I wonder: What do you first feel when you think of Lent’s arrival? Heaviness? Anticipation? Longing? Dread? A desire to

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Finding Grace in a Snow Storm

I walked, one recent morning, with fresh-fallen snow squeaking beneath my boots. Thin lengths of snow lay along branches and stretched the span of power lines, gracing even them with soft white beauty. I stood and listened, hearing the silence that comes only when the world is stilled with falling

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What does your soul need to thrive in 2024?

I wrote last night about what my amaryllis, now in its second year of vibrant blooms, is teaching me: Ongoing fruitful flourishing is only possible when I respect the rhythm built into the plant, giving it needed periods of rest and replenishment. And it is possible then. It’s not a

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