Weekly glimpses of God’s heart

Unfolding: A Freer Way to Live

I’ve been savoring, this week, the grace in the word “unfold.” An elderly friend needs more care, and I see, finally, long-awaited details begin to unfold. A group of us works to arrange a meeting but our schedules don’t match. We settle on a date weeks later than we’d hoped—and

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When Your Soul Longs for Stillness

Multicolored banks of feathery astilbe invite me to be still. To stand and savor. To know that their Creator and mine—the Calmer of chaos and Maker of beauty—is God. And that He is present, still at work bringing justice and peace and creating beauty in the world, even when my

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Four Questions for the Second Half of the Year

As the calendar turned from June to July, I realized with something of a start that we’re already half way through 2022. Some of us are also at the start of the summer season when perhaps we’ll have a bit more space to slow and linger, to feel sand between

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