Weekly glimpses of God’s heart

When You Ache for Those You Love

17 years, 4 months, and 26 days ago, I first stepped out of a four-seater plane onto the packed dirt airstrip high in the mountains of Afghanistan near the little village I’d call home for four years. At over 9000 feet, the early morning air was crisp, and I tugged

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Hope When You Face Conflict (OR Lessons From A Donkey)

Of all of God’s traits, I’ve probably written the most about his gentleness. Over the last dozen years, it has been God’s persistent, gentle welcome that has most often softened me and taught me to trust that he really loves me. But lately I find myself reminded that God is

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Good News: God’s Kingdom is Not a Competition

Sometimes we glimpse God and his character in another person. It can come in a hug, a smile, someone dropping off freshly-picked strawberries or listening with open heart and good questions. For me, last week, that glimpse came in a note from the fellow writer whose blog, along with mine,

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