Weekly glimpses of God’s heart

An Open Letter to My Niece on her Wedding Day

Dear Katie, We’re about 4500 km apart as the crow flies—closer to 6000 if you drive—but thanks to a video camera and Youtube, I’ve just watched you transition from girlhood into a married woman. The livestream has ended, and as I imagine you and Connor chatting with the 25 guests

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The Surprising Way Trust Speaks

“I believed; therefore, I said. . .” Let’s pause there for a moment. How would you complete that sentence? “I believed; therefore, I said . . . thank You”? Or “. . . I’m so glad I’m Yours”? Or, using the words of the psalmists, “. . . His mercy

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6 Tips for Trusting God with Those You Love

I’ve heard parents say it’s harder to trust God with their children than to trust Him with themselves. I don’t have children, but I do know it’s often harder for me to trust God with other people than with myself. When I know He has been faithful to meet me

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