Weekly glimpses of God’s heart

Good News: God’s Kingdom is Not a Competition

Sometimes we glimpse God and his character in another person. It can come in a hug, a smile, someone dropping off freshly-picked strawberries or listening with open heart and good questions. For me, last week, that glimpse came in a note from the fellow writer whose blog, along with mine,

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One Simple Step to Reclaim Time

How do you experience time? Is it an enemy or a friend? A master ordering you to build more bricks and to build them without straw, or a kindly helper, quietly standing ready to serve you? Does it seem to creep, weighing you down and dragging you back with it

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An Open Letter to My Niece on her Wedding Day

Dear Katie, We’re about 4500 km apart as the crow flies—closer to 6000 if you drive—but thanks to a video camera and Youtube, I’ve just watched you transition from girlhood into a married woman. The livestream has ended, and as I imagine you and Connor chatting with the 25 guests

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