Weekly glimpses of God’s heart

God’s Great Gift for Ordinary Days

Yesterday was Pentecost, and I can’t speak its wonder any better now than I could five years ago. So travel back with me, will you? Savor the mystery and celebrate the love God pours out on us, into us, as we move into these next six months of what the

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The Heart of Wise Discernment

Hands-Free Biking and Discernment “Look Ma, no hands!” something inside me called as I finally found my balance, hands-free, on my bike. I’d been working on it for months when there were no other bikers on the trail. Finally, last week, it clicked. The clue that I’d been overlooking for

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The Gift of Being “Only Human”

As I work on the details needed to put my book, Risking Rest: A Journey to Trust God’s Love, out into the world this fall, I find myself continually challenged to live the title still more deeply. There are edits to finish, a reader’s guide to complete, and questions about

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