Weekly glimpses of God’s heart

How to Find Rest in a Crazy World

“Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10a). I sit and let the words sink deep, let God quiet me with his love once again. For these moments, I step out of the pressure and feel the spaciousness, breathe deep of the love, the peace, the comfort that

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The Freeing Truth of Your Number One Job

There are those times when someone speaks the simple truth in a way so clear and freeing that it brings me to my knees. The person may actually be addressing someone else, even someone in a different situation or profession, but the words are for me, too, a reminder that

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Where in this Wild World Can We Rest?

Earthquakes killing thousands, the Taliban continuing to tighten their death grip on the lives and futures of people I love, a mother of four with aggressive breast cancer—sometimes the weight of destruction in the world feels almost too much to bear, the intensity of injustice crushing. How, how can we

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