Weekly glimpses of God’s heart

The Beautiful Way One Woman Learned to See

In this world, the old always co-exists with the new, death with the springing of new life. I hear it in the story of the travelers on the road to Emmaus—how their grief over what had been might have been part of what kept them from seeing the living truth

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Is it Safe to Trust God’s Love?

Is it safe to trust God’s love? Safe enough to risk? Safe enough even to rest? It’s the question at the heart of my book, Risking Rest: A Journey to Trust God’s Love, and as I work to get it out into the world later this year, I’m having to

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When You Need to Hear God’s Heart in Life’s Mess

There are those days you bike past the same old bench and it’s now covered with yarn, a community’s response to a creative challenge. It’s the middle of Lent and you’re very aware of your own need and on that particular day the pink and red yarn heart might just

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