Weekly glimpses of God’s heart

The Marvel of the One We’re Waiting For

I wonder how it is for you this year. As you hear the familiar Advent and Christmas passages, is there anything that feels new to you, deeper somehow, or alive in a different way in the context of this year’s circumstances? Way back in Junior High School, I memorized God’s

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The Unexpected Good News in Advent’s Groaning

“It’s the time of year when everything gets a glow-up: the candles come out, the twinkly lights go up, we deck our ordinary lives with tinsel and sparkle and evergreen. I love it all. And yet, the first language of Advent’s expectant season is not bell carols, but groaning—the audial

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Why We Don’t Need to Fear Our Limits

A Very Exciting Box arrived at my door late yesterday morning. I even recorded myself opening it. (You can watch here if you like.) Exciting why? Not simply because of its contents, though I was delighted to see them, but because the contents symbolized something important to me. Symbolized what?

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