Weekly glimpses of God’s heart

When You Long for God’s Comfort

God has interesting ways of catching my attention. Some weeks ago, I was memorizing the first lines of Malcolm Guite’s reflection on Psalm 49: “Where Christ himself is there to welcome you, Then you are home, wherever you may fare.” As I did so, I kept inadvertently changing “welcome” to

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Hope When God Seems Silent

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, and one of the things I’m grateful for is the way God meets me in the words of others. For the first time, I’ve half-read the Advent book that I chose for this year well before we’re into Advent, and I’m still going strong. These weeks

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How a Queen’s Funeral Can Help Us See Our Place

A week ago, millions around the world paused to celebrate the life and mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II. I listened as reporters in London asked officials and ordinary people, young sailors who would be pulling the gun carriage with the coffin and older people who had interacted with

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