Weekly glimpses of God’s heart

Four Questions for the Second Half of the Year

As the calendar turned from June to July, I realized with something of a start that we’re already half way through 2022. Some of us are also at the start of the summer season when perhaps we’ll have a bit more space to slow and linger, to feel sand between

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When God Loves You First for the Millionth Time

These weeks I’ve been sitting with the crowd at Jesus’ feet when his mother and brothers come to find him, thinking he is crazy (Mark 3:20-21, 31-35). I’ve been surprised by my resentment at their intrusion, and my thought, “Now you’re going to leave and go back to your mother

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One Way to Lighten Your Burden

It’s early morning. The sky is dark, and the first birds haven’t yet begun to sing. My companions all sleep, but I’ve been awake, thinking about the healing last night of Simon’s mother-in-law, and of the many other people who pressed their way into the house, seeking—and receiving—Jesus’ help. Jesus

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