Weekly glimpses of God’s heart

Finding Hope When You Can’t See the Future

“Son of man, can these bones live?” (Ezekiel 37:3) I wonder how I would have answered had I been the one God picked up and set in a valley full of bones—bones that were “very dry,” years past any life they’d once had. The biologically obvious answer to God’s question—“No”—would

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The One Who Walks With You Into the Fall

At the school down the street, children lined up this morning to meet this year’s classmates and teachers. Laughter echoed from the older students, while this year’s youngest held tight to hands of their parents as they walked into this new adventure. A little boy in a bright blue T-shirt

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Finding Security in a Life of Risk

As I sorted through the papers that have collected on my desk, I found a scrap on which I had scrawled these words from Terry Tempest Williams’ introduction to Wallace Stegner’s novel, Crossing to Safety: “. . . part of the tension of being human is found in our desire

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