Weekly glimpses of God’s heart

When God Commits to Bless You

I’ve long known that God is a blessing God. The very first act God performs after shaping man and woman and breathing into them the breath of life is to bless them (Gen 1:28). He commands his priests to regularly speak over his people words which show God turning his

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When You Need a Mother’s Tender Care

As we’ve been approaching Mother’s Day, I’ve been pondering. First of all, of course, I’m pondering and giving thanks for the gift of my own precious mother, her sacrifice to carry and birth and feed me, her prayers, her hugs and listening ears through all these years. As I watch

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Three Gifts We All Need for This Season

We’re a week into the 50-day long season of Easter, and, once again, I’m so grateful that in the church calendar, Easter is a whole season, not just a day we skim past and move on. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I need a whole season

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