When things don’t go as you planned

My flight was scheduled to arrive at 17:03. The kind folk who offered to pick me up said that the timing was perfect – that it was almost like someone was orchestrating their plans and my schedule in perfect harmony.

But when there’s a defect with the plane’s autopilot and we sit and wait for it be replaced, when I can’t reach my friends to warn them of the 3 ½ hour delay, what then? Do I still believe that there’s a divine hand orchestrating it all and that His timing is perfect?

What about when I’ve been home from Afghanistan for four years and the illness resolves slowly and I’m still not sure what comes next?

Will I trust that all this is not needless delay but perfect orchestration by a loving hand who is replacing my defective autopilot with one which guides me truly toward the end for which I was created, deep into the heart of Love Himself?

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