Fighting seated


Some fight for freedom in army boots, their feet fitted to stand. For them I am deeply grateful.

Others fight bravely by the choice to sit still, defying the voices that tell us we can’t be ourselves, can’t wear our skin, our bodies, in our world, and still rest.

Witness Rosa Parks, that brave mother of the freedom movement who, only a handful of decades ago, refused to give up her seat to a white passenger who had boarded the bus. Her heart was tired. Tired of giving in. And her act of battle, the courage to sit, helped lead to the freedom of millions.

It is true: sitting (or lying down) can mean giving up the fight.

It can also be the bravest act of battle we’ll ever perform – a life-saving, soul-reclaiming act of declaring our weary selves worth sitting down. You never know who all you’ll be helping to set free.

4 thoughts on “Fighting seated

    1. That is beautiful, Jon! I love the photo of Mrs. Parks and the wall of water and quote from Amos via Martin Luther King behind her. As you say, ‘soul refreshment!’ Care, your perspective on Rosa Parks’ quiet resistance is very refreshing, as is your own courage to quietly listen to the heartbeat of God and pass on what you hear! Love you both so much! :)

  1. Bravo! for you & all the quiet heroes of the kingdom! fight on! I hope you are feeling better, stronger! blessings! nancy

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